Over at ADV Rider, Eglė@EvergreenE posted a killer piece about celebrities who ride. Look close at the photos — in the group shot of The Marley Brothers you can see Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bags on their Ducati Multistradas! Which reminds us of our favorite GL motoceleb and international treasure Steve Jones (legendary guitarist for the Sex Pistols, Ducati All Stars and so many others!) who also rides with a Fandango on his Ducati Hypermotard custom

Way back when, roadrunner Jonesy played on a short tour with Billy Duffy, Billy Morrison, and Franky Perez as The Ducati All Stars which included a stop at BMW of Western Oregon in Eugene (now also officially a Ducati dealership). Former Bend Euro Moto owner David Bingham built Jones’s Hyper and put us in touch — thanks David!

“Having Steve Jones call me after we met in person at a Ducati All Stars gig was one of those mind-bending –I can’t believe I’m talking to the legend whose records I’ve been listening to since I was a teenager — moments. Even better, he wanted a GL Fandango Tank Bag for his custom Ducati Hypermotard! I asked him to send me a pic and he did just that, with a cheerfully brief message: ‘Here ya go mate, sorry it took so long. Thanks again!’”Harold Olaf Cecil, Giant Loop Founder and Owner

We love you Jonsey — Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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