Honda in Colorado Outfitted with a GL Diablo, Tillamook, Pannier Pockets and Fender Bag

Giant Loop customer Vinne sent us these sweet photos from the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route of a GL Tillamook Dry Bag, Diablo Tank BagPannier Pockets and a Fender Bag adventuring on his Honda enduro…

“Hi guys! Hope the Giant Loop team is doing well. I just got done with the COBDR/UTBDR/Moab trip and have pictures to share. Overall, the trip was great and my GL gear did well. I will send more in my next update.” — Vinnie M.

Looks like an amazing adventure Vinnie — thanks sending us the photos. And thank you to all the riders out there who send in pics, we love that you keep us in the loop!

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