Video: Full GL Soft Luggage Setup On the BMW 1250 GSA

There are a ton of options for BMW motorcycle soft luggage, and Giant Loop gear guide Ben will walk you through several great ones in this video including tank bag, handlebar bag, dry bags, and a couple of soft panniers for the BMW 1250 GSA, along with our quick release pannier mounts with special adapter designed to work specifically with the OEM BMW pannier racks that come on the 1250 and 1200 GSA. This video will give you some ideas of exactly how much awesome Giant Loop Soft Luggage you can fit on your BMW ADV motorcycle…

Full Giant Loop Soft Luggage Setup on a BMW 1250 GSA!!!

Diablo Tank Bag

Rogue Dry Bag

Tillamook Dry Bag

Round The World Panniers 

Mototrekk Panniers 

Pannier Mounts

Fandango Tank Bag

Pronghorn Straps

Zigzag Handlebar Bag 

“Curious about what a full Giant Loop BMW 1250 GS soft luggage setup might look like? Wondering what the best options for soft luggage for BMW 1250 GS are? Check out our full walkthrough of the best giant loop soft luggage options for the BMW 1250 GS, BMW 1250 GSA, BMW 1200 GS, or really any BMW or other ADV motorcycle out there.” — Ben, Giant Loop

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