Fender Bag/Number Plate Bag Reviewed by Rocky Mountain ATV MC

Our friend Chase over at Rocky Mountain ATV MC made this video that shows us how effective the Giant Loop Motorcycle Fender Bag/Number Plate Bag can be…

The Giant Loop Fender Bag/Number Plate Bag features a 3 liter capacity and 10.5 inch length to make it ideal for storing tire irons, spare tubes, and other trail essentials you want to stay out of the way. And since the bag is completely sealed off from the elements, you won’t have to deal with wet, rusty tools or items. The revised attachment system now uses two Boa straps, heavy-duty plastic hooks, and several additional lashing points for cinching everything down tight. This attachment system lets the Fender Bag securely fit onto nearly any dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle.” — Rocky Mountain ATV MC

Great video, we love your reviews — thanks Chase!

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