Video: First Garage Night of 2021!

Giant Loop’s first in-Person Garage Night in 18 Months!

After a hiatus due to COVID, it was amazing to be able to get together with all our local Bend area people to host the first Giant Loop Garage Night of 2021! This garage night was all about reconnecting with old friends, showing off bikes, enjoying some hot dogs, delicious beverages and just generally enjoying the company of a ton of great people!  

While the vast majority of the bikes in attendance were dual sport and adventure bikes, there was also a lot of variety to be found with some cruisers, a Ural, and even a Grom in the mix…

Thank you so much to everyone who came out — we’re were all so glad to get to see and hang out with so many amazing members of the local dual sport motorcycle and adventure motorcycle riding community. Any excuse to get together and have a bike night is a great one — but it was even more amazing after not having had the chance to hang out for so long!

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